Executive Management


Irfan Moton

Chief Executive Officer

Irfan Moton is responsible for assisting the Chairman in achieving the strategic objectives of the organization and operationally responsible for managing the sales and marketing of the company. He is an MBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi. He carries with him 21 years of yarn sales experience and has been running his own yarn sales firm ALU Int. since 1993. He has been a key sales agent for all the top spinning units in Pakistan and ALU Int. has a broad and established customer base in the textile sector.


Muhammad Asif Siddiqui

Chief Financial Officer

Muhammad Asif Siddiqui is a member of the senior management team. His responsibilities include assisting Chairman by having detailed awareness of Finance and Administration Department at the Corporate office as well as finance and audit functions related to Mill Operations, Mill Administration and Technical Services Department, handling tactical execution of strategic objectives on behalf of the Chairman for those departments and overseeing the day to day management of matters related to banking, and legal matters. He carries with himself more than 30 years experience of working at responsible positions including more than 10 years at Stallion Textiles in various senior management capacities. Previously, he served Hitachi Plant Engineering and Construction Company Japan, Kohinoor Group, Atlas Group, Lakson Group and Adamjee Group at various positions leading upto Finance Manager and Company Secretary.


Tajammul Azam Choudhry

Advocate High Court


Tajammul Azam Choudhry provides expertise on legal matters across the company with in-depth, legal and business focused advice and solutions. He is responsible for analyzing and identifying risks and implications of business transactions and developments in laws and regulations that may potentially affect or create opportunities for the business, while also overseeing all corporate and civil matters, including dealing and maintaining relationships with government, relevant departments, autonomous regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies on behalf of the company. He is an LLB, LLM and MA Political Science from the University of Karachi. He carries with him more than 15 years’ experience including 5 years at Stallion. Previously, he has served as a Consultant and Legal Advisor for multinational companies. He is an Advocate High Court and active member of the Sindh Bar Council, Karachi Bar Association, High Court Bar Association, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and Law Society of Pakistan.