Stallion’s marketing philosophy is to develop sales channels which are able to provide a consistent and sustainable market for Stallion products. Stallion’s USP (unique selling point) is the supply chain management it provides to its customers having the following benefits:

  • Guarantee of supply
  • Consistency in quality
  • Minimum raw material inventory at customer premises
  • Energy Efficiencies
  • High level of professional service

The economic advantages of the supply chain management to Stallion’s customers is that they have the ability to move human and fiscal resources from raw material sourcing, and utilize them in other core areas of their business.

With guaranteed supply, Stallion’s customers are able to aggressively pursue large scale and long term deals with their own buyers. This translates in stimulating a more consistent and enhanced demand for
Stallion’s products itself.

Stallion strives to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with its customers. A healthy and vibrant customer base ensures economic and operational benefits for Stallion in the long run.



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