“Using the key of applicable knowledge will unlock the door to optimum achievement.” – Owais Dagra

Stallion Textile’s Chairman, Owais Dagra, is a firm believer in a philosophy that combines the advantages of entrepreneurial as well as professional management.

Stallion Textiles strives for excellence and perfection in all spheres of management, through continuous improvement thereby creating “Enhanced Efficiencies with Sustainable Consistencies.”

Stallion places a strong emphasis on constantly striving for optimized performance. Stallion preaches with clarity that the only measurement of management’s effort is through assessing and quantifying the results in comparison with corporate goals and objectives.

Stallion Textiles believes that to be successful there needs to be a deep sense of accountability embedded within the personality of the individuals forming the management.

The Stallion team operates with a subconscious built in mindset of constantly measuring activities and tasks against time, ethical conduct, energy, costs and financial performance, thereby creating a culture of self as well as cross accountability within the management ranks.