Stallion Textiles is one of the largest textile spinning mills in the world comprising of 156,000 spindles, producing 30/1 PC (Polyester Cotton) carded yarn. Stallion Textiles is located in Pakistan with an 800,000 sq ft. all encompassing self contained, state-of-the art infrastructure on 12 acres.

Stallion has achieved extraordinary results through Enhanced Efficiencies with Sustainable Consistencies”.

The management, as a predetermined strategy, chose to install a moderate scale capacity of 15,480 spindles in Phase-I of the plan. The objective was to comprehend the detailed intricacies of the industry and to explore those areas where opportunities for enhancements existed. Subsequently, through a process of Business Process Innovation and R&D, multiple solutions covering all aspects of the business were developed, tested and resolved. These steps were taken to ensure the most optimum level of performance on a larger scale.

After successful completion of Phase-I, the management implemented Phase-II in which the project size was enhanced to its originally planned capacity of 156,000 spindles. The project expansion was completed successfully and the unit became operational in early 2009.

Phase-II design was finalized with a production plan for 30/1 PC (Polyester Cotton) carded yarn both for knitting and weaving industries. It is noteworthy to mention that after completion of Phase-II, Stallion has become the largest textile spinning single shed unit in Pakistan and also the biggest producer of 30/1 PC carded yarn internationally producing more than 5,000,000 lbs per month.


Stallion is a privately owned business founded by Owais Dagra. He has made a substantial financial and long term personal commitment to the industry. The equity investment in Stallion has resulted in one of the healthiest balance sheets in the Pakistan textile sector.

Owais Dagra operates with a business philosophy of detail orientation, hands on operations, strict financial disciplines and a hybrid corporate culture of professional management with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Stallion’s translation from vision to reality is the result of Owais Dagra’s single minded focus on the concept. The breakthroughs are the result of Owais Dagra’s intuition and passion for reengineering operations and redesigning business practices to optimize the efficiencies and profitability of a company on a sustainable basis. This is a feat Owais Dagra has achieved several times in his career in multiple industries across the globe.

Owais Dagra along with his core team has defined the corporate vision with respect to Stallion as simply maximizing opportunities and profitability throughEnhanced Efficiencies with Sustainable Consistencies.

The current unit of Stallion is the first stage in the implementation of this long term goal, and is commensurate with the opportunities that are created as a result of the challenges currently faced by the textile industry in Pakistan.

The vision and goal of Stallion is to establish mega size textile spinning projects that are based on the concept of a single count spin plan to ensure maximum operating and cost efficiencies, along with the capability to deliver consistent and acceptable quality products to a broad customer base.



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